The ARP entry addition failed: Access is denied

The ARP entry addition failed: Access is denied.
Today I was trying to add an ARP entry on my latptop to the default gateway of my network. It gave me following error:

“The ARP entry addition failed: Access is denied.”

I also tried by opening command prompt prompt with “run as administrator” option but this problem continued to show up.

After a little research I found that the windows gives this error when someone tries to put arp entry for Default Gateway of the system.

So I simply removed my default gateway entry in:

Afterwards I disabled and re-enabled my network card and tried to enter arp entry again.

arp -s aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff

Bingo! This time it was successful. Afterwards I simply inserted my gateway entry “” back in the properties

The system started working 🙂


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